Terrazzo is Trending!

“Is that Terrazzo???” For a while now this question could be heard all around our office on a weekly basis. Yes, yes it is. Terrazzo is back baby (but definitely not in a 70’s, flat, dreary way). This decade it is being used in some new, creative ways. It is popping up EVERYWHERE: from floors to countertops, wallpaper to furniture, pillows and accessories. There is definitely a way you can get some terrazzo in your life!

Via @foxandramona on Instagram
Via Vogue

Terrazzo is a composite material; meaning that it is comprised of bits of glass, quartz, marble, or other stones and a binder that holds it all together. In the past it was concrete, but this new wave of terrazo is most often being made with some sort of epoxy-resin. The material is stronger, lighter, and less permeable resulting in a very durable surface. The modern terrazzo that is being seen everywhere lately is featuring bolder colorways and larger pieces of unique, precious aggregate like mother of pearl. A lot of the companies manufacturing the product now are upcycling all the aggregate material, so it is often very environmentally friendly!

Vertrazzo and TerrazzoCo colors

Go Big or Go Home

A lot of the stone companies are making options for flooring and countertops in large format. As with most things in design, there are neutral and tonal options, but there are also some really fun and fresh color combinations. It is a bold look, but you can be really creative and funky because there are so many color options.

Via @livviiiiii on Instagram
Vertrazzo Chivalry Blue

There is even a company where you can create your own terrazzo! TerrazzoCo allows you to choose the color combo. Talk about customization!

One of our favorite large applications is as a wall covering. There are so many subtle and beautiful color combinations. This new collection from Phillip Jeffries is a FAV! We think it would look perfect in a chic closet for her or little girl’s room.

Phillip Jeffries Terrazzo

Accessibly Amazing

If you are like us and can’t commit to a whole counter or floor, you can definitely still try out this fun trend on a smaller scale. There are tons of furniture options to create that unexpected statement in a room. Sometimes the look is playful and whimsical and in other rooms it is so chic! It really is very versatile, but still refreshing!

Made Goods Darian Coffee Table
TOV Furniture Gwen Velvet Chair
TOV Crete Nesting Tables

Popular Pops

Retailers are picking up on the trend too! There are so many cute accessories that you can incorporate into rooms and not blow your budget. Check out these adorable textiles and accessories!

Anthropologie Stella Lamp
Made Goods Janison Tray
World Market Terrazzo Bath Accessories
Target Holli Zollinger Throw

There is a plethora of terrazzo options out right now. So, if you are anything like us and want to have a bit of the fun for yourself: go ahead and jump in on this one. Terrazzo is a BIG mood!