Luxury Home and Commercial Interior Services

Did You Know: The average new construction home over 5,000 square feet takes on average 18 months to design and build. Contact us to find out the average cost. 

New Construction Luxury Home
(or Major Renovation) Services

As interior designers, we are honored to work side by side with wonderful clients and some of the most talented builders and architects around the nation to create beautiful new construction homes. To date, these homes range from 3,000 square feet up to 30,000 square feet.

What We Do

Our team understands that building a new home is not only a significant financial investment, but a major life milestone that deserves to be celebrated. It is our goal to honor your life achievement by providing unparalleled interior design services that are proven to help navigate the many challenges of building a custom new home. Our mission is simple: Serve. Exceed. Repeat.

How We Do It

Our new construction services include six main steps:

Discovery & Concept:

The first step in the new construction process is to meet with you in a comprehensive session where project aesthetics, budgets, and timelines are discussed. While each step in the new construction process is important, the discovery session provides a clear vision and solid foundation for the lifespan of the project.

From here, our talented team will create the overall style and color palette of the project. You are presented with vision or mood boards that communicate the overall vision.

Construction Interior Specification:

Our designers will create a customized, comprehensive presentation of finishes, selections, and design boards that will help you visualize the overall look and feel of your new home. This includes flooring, tile, cabinetry, counters, millwork, paint colors, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and decorative light fixtures. We will not miss a thing!

Once these selections are approved and finalized, then we document all selections into a set of Interior Drawings, typically in AutoCAD or Revit. This includes all plans, elevations, and schedules that your builder will need (from initial bids to final construction.)

Construction Administration:

During this phase, we provide onsite site visits, while ensuring that the design intent from the Interior Specification stage is properly executed during construction. We also are involved in Owner/Architect/Client meetings as needed.

Furnishings Selection:

This is the fun decorating phase of selecting furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers, area rugs, window treatments, paint colors, accessories, artwork, lamps and more.


During this phase, proposals are accepted, orders are placed, and shipments are tracked. We receive your items at our warehouse and safely store them until installation. Our team will also keep you updated.

Installation and The Big Reveal:

Once construction is complete, it is time for our professional installation of all furnishings and items that you ordered through us. We make your beds, hang the artwork, install window treatments, put fresh flowers out, and even light the candles.

Now it is time for the big reveal, which is our favorite part of the process. You get to see your fully professionally designed interiors for the first time! Welcome Home!

If you are looking to build your next home, we’d love to work with you.

Studio M Park Place Office
Clearwater, Florida

Studio M is a licensed interior design firm and therefore we are required to know current building codes, life safety codes, and other laws that may affect the commercial design of a project.

Commercial Design Service

Studio M is a licensed interior design firm that not only provides turn key residential services but also has the experience and background to design your next luxury condo high rise, restaurant, bar, boutique hotel, or any commercial space that requires a creative but realistic solution to suit your budget and expectation. Below are the services and systems that we use to execute each of our commercial projects.


We meet with you to learn about your company’s specific design goals, analyze your needs, business structure and work flow, and to understand how your corporate branding will be translated into an interior space that reflects your corporate identity. From this discovery session we are able to create a scope of design.

Conceptual & Schematic Design

After your approval, we convert the discovery program into a conceptual design solution for review.  We then translate the conceptual design into a schematic floor plan where all interior features, furniture, fixtures, and equipment begin to be selected.

Finish Selection Process

Our team selects colors, materials and finishes that convey the design concept and meet functional, maintenance, environmental, and safety requirements. Interior elements are reviewed in terms of environmental psychology – how the environment will affect its inhabitants.

Construction Documentation

Our design team prepares Revit ID drawings which include floor plans, elevations, details, finishes, specifications, power and communications locations, reflected ceiling plans, lighting designs, and furniture layouts.

Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)

We create an FF&E package for review with you that includes drawings and product descriptions. Once approved, our team will create contract documentation to facilitate vendor/manufacturer pricing, procurement and installation. Or we can handle all the procurement and installation for you!