Interior Renderings at Studio M

Interior Design Renderings are a great tool when our Studio M clients need to visualize a room. Renderings are more commonly used in Commercial Interior Design, but they are playing a larger role in luxury residential interior design as well. At Studio M, we are making Interior Renderings part of our standard interior design services and we are making them all 100% in house!

Below is a rendering of a bar. Those Vanguard barstools are going to be AMAZING with their inverted blue leather pleats!

Interior Rendering of Bar

The interior renderings on this post are for a project that has not broken ground. In this scenario, the client came to us and asked for some floor plan confirmation because they needed to better visualize their bar and wine lounge. Consequently, we went to work on the renderings! We fully designed and decorated three rooms. The client loved the design, and as a result, they are moving forward with this design intent. We are excited to get this project under construction because it is going to be spectacular.

Interior Design Rendering of the Wine Lounge – with Hickory White Swivels

Wine Room Interior Rendering

Interior Design Rendering of the Living Room with Hickory Chair Sofas!

Living Room Interior Rendering

The Studio M interior design team modeled every piece of furniture in this rendering.

Virtual Walk Through

Virtual walk-throughs are a great way to really see how the room flows, so check out the video walk though from the Studio M Instagram Page. Click PLAY Below!!!

Renderings can be time consuming to produce, but they can save time by helping a client make difficult decisions. Many sectors are incorporating virtual reality into the consumer experience. Consequently, interior design is no exception.

We would love to include them on your next Interior Design Project, so please contact us to schedule your next Interior Design consultation with our team.