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"Our passion is to meticulously create exceptional interiors
that surprise and delight you."
Michelle Jennings Wiebe

Best Interior Designer in Tampa

How We Can Help

If you’re in need of full-service interior design, Studio M’s team of experienced professionals can bring your ideas to life. Our firm has decades of experience in designing both residential and commercial spaces. Our luxury VIP client service covers the entire process of your project – from conceptualizing the initial look and style, to selecting all interior finishes, then to placing the final furniture and accessories for your magical reveal at the end! We have the interior designers and the resources to manage any size interior design project – anywhere in the nation!

Our interior designers will work with you to design and decorate a space that reflects not only your taste and style, but also your principles, lifestyle, and achievements. Studio M excels at taking any interior and re-imagining it into both an artistic vision and a fully-functional space. Our passion for interior design is to “develop livable works of art that are not only timeless but livable.”

Each project is special to us, and we will customize our interior design services to meet your exact needs. Contact us today to learn about how we will give you the time and attention you deserve to successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

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