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Contemporary Outdoor Wallcovering
By: Jon Peters

Sometime last week I stumbled upon a unique manufacturer of wallcovering that offers a unique take on traditional wallpaper. Wall & Decor, a company out of Italy, specializes in the application of amazing contemporary outdoor wallcovering. Not only do they showcase stunning designs such as pop art, geometric patterns, digital prints, and graphic optical illusions, but they’ve also formulated their paper to be weather resistant to withstand natural elements. This idea looks amazing on a contemporary concrete & glass building, but how funny/awesome would it be to do this in a traditional neighborhood setting? It would be the coolest house on the block (although, your HOA may want your head on a stake!) Anyway, if you have a home that could use some TLC on the outside, check out some of the following wallcoverings made possible by this innovative and creative company. I personally love the pop art paper as well as the blue triangles. How do you feel about outdoor wallcovering?

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Blue Powder | Grunge | Wall Design

Camooo | Camouflage | Wall Design | Cement

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Mad Landscapes | Outdoor Wallcovering | Cartoon Wallpaper

Op_tical | Black & White | Outdoor Wallcovering | Design

Point Of View | Dots | Outdoor Chair | Blue

Pop Pop Pop | Pop Art | Outdoor Wallcovering | Design

Scrubber | Trellis Pattern | Infinity Pool | Contemporary

Shadows | Rustic Wallcovering | Outdoor Decor

Stars & Hearts | Contemporary Building | Outdoor Wallcovering

Tokio Stripes | Patterned Stripes | Outdoor Wallcovering | Contemporary Home

Tri-Angle | Blue Triangles | Geometric Pattern | Wallcovering

Tribal Pop | Blue Wallpaper | Tribal Decor

Wooden | Outdoor Wallcovering | Barn Door | Wood Panel

Photos via Wall & Deco.

Written by: Jon Peters

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