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Vintage Luggage | Furniture | Home Decor

vintage luggage

After having come across my own set of antique luggage pieces that I have now styled into a gorgeous coffee table, I have fallen in love with the vintage items and the many ways in which they can be easily incorporated into any design scheme. These aged luggage and trunks can be found at almost any antique shop, and whether they’re being styled to work as a bed for your furry little friends, a cozy chair for you little one, or a center piece in your living space, they are sure to bring with them their own classic charm and personality.

vintage luggage pet house

Vintage luggage home accessories

Vintage Luggage |  Home Decor

When it comes to styling your vintage items, I love the idea of mixing and matching the pieces using different colors, designs, and textures. Don’t shy away from a set just because it’s slightly nicked and scratched, I find this just adds a layer of personality to the piece. Because of their classic look, the items can seemingly be used to compliment virtually any style and design scheme ranging from traditional, eclectic, to modern.

Vintage Luggage Patterns

Vintage Luggage Textures

Vintage Luggage |  Furniture Designs

Who couldn’t use more storage space in their home? Along with looking amazing, these vintage pieces also work practically as well. They make great little compartments for stashing away your many treasures. Place them at the foot of your bed and transform it into a clothes chest, or place it on your bedside and create a featured side table.

Vintage Luggage Table

Vintage Luggage Dresser

Vintage Luggage Chair

South African designer Katie Thomas has started her own business entitled “Recreate” in which she uses old discarded luggage pieces and recycles them to create these amazing eclectic styled furnishings and seats. The end result is simply stunning as her pieces all have a somewhat timeless quality about them. So what do you think? Can you see yourself falling in love with the stylish trends of antique trunks and vintage luggage?

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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  1. Janice says

    I have been looking for a something to put in the living area of the condo this would  be perfect

  2. says

    What a fantastic way to recycle old luggage that might not be fit to travel but it can certainly be useful for decorating & storage too for knick knacks or holiday decorations that only come out once a year. Terrific idea.

    • studiominteriors says

      Hey Becky, these were all found on the Internet awhile back, but has some amazing vintage suitecases for sale. You’ll be addicted! :)