Got Stripes?

black and white stripes

If you are trying to find a new way to bring style into your interiors, do it with stripes! Whether vertical, horizontal, thick or thin, stripes can create favorable illusions to your space. Do you know how stripes can slim a person’s body in fashionable clothes? Think the same concept for your walls! Taller ceilings can be perceived with vertical stripes and a wider room can be perceived with horizontal stripes. Whether you are trying to create a fashion statement or if you just love the sophistication of stripes, here are tips to bring them into your home.

● Subtle or bold: The pleasure of using stripes in your interiors can come through their bold statement they provide or in their hint of texture they exude. Bold stripes on walls, furnishings, or area rugs can give a room a shot of eye catching visual appeal, and set the tone without even trying. Also, stripes can be used for their pattern and texture in monochrome colors. They can provide a backdrop for your artwork and decor without being the main attraction of the room.

subtle stripes

● Mix and match: When using stripes in your decor, remember you can use them throughout your space or mix and match them with patterns or solids. Unifying your different decor items with a color, is an easy way to bring stripes, and patterns together in a bedroom with pillows, bedding, and window treatments. The same holds true in a living space, stripes on your walls can mix and match with lamp shades and furniture cushions to unify the space.

mix and match stripes

● Stripe illusions: If you have an awkward space that you are trying to salvage with decorative illusions, stripes will help. Depending on your space, use stripes to add visual interest in one area and detract from another. Placing stripes on an accent wall can draw the eye here, and away from an awful view out a window! If you room has interesting architectural details, like slanted ceilings, use stripes to accentuate these. The interplay of directional stripes can be gorgeous.

stripe illusion

Stripes in your interiors are an added bonus to a space that doesn’t require a lot of work, but can deliver a big punch. Adding stripes to your room is a good do it yourself project. If you don’t feel comfortable taping off your walls to make the straight lines, asks a friend to help that has a leveler. The electric beam levelers work the best and you can tape off the line as the beam guides you! Wallpaper and faux finishes can also achieve stripes or similar affects to stripes. Whichever method you choose to add stripes to your decor, you will love your new space and the appeal it brings. Don’t be surprised if you want to add stripes to just a few more rooms now!


  1. Aaron@Bella Vista says

    I really like the play on the stripes. All of the rooms have a nice clean look with the simple detailing. Great job!

  2. Nancy Mazurowski says

    I really like the picture with the slanted ceiling. It really does set of the architectural details!