Secret Doors: Hidden Escapes

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always been obsessed with tree houses, forts, and secret passageways. I always say that if I were rich enough to build my dream home, I would 100 percent include a hidden door in the plans. I’m envisioning something out of Clue, but instead of having to walk through a creepy dark tunnel-like hallway, I’d like my secret door to open up to a beautiful room with lots of natural light (of course!) and books everywhere. I especially love some of the designs I’ve been seeing around the web lately of hidden doors concealed as beautiful bookshelves and built-ins. How awesome would that be? I’ll admit that it’s a little Anne Frank to think about, but the idea of having a hidden room is totally awesome!

Besides the bookshelf idea, I love the tiny hidden powder bath under the stairs (below) and wallpapered doors with the repeat matched to perfectly coincide with the surrounding walls. The essentials for my secret room would be a comfy seating area (I’m envisioning the inside of a genie bottle) with tons of throw pillows, good books, maybe a mini-fridge (am I going too far?) and maybe some of my all-time favorite photos and artwork. It may seem a bit too whimsical for some people, but I honestly don’t know why more custom homes don’t call for these kind of unique and interesting architectural elements. They are so fun, and even more fun to surprise and show your guests (or better yet, to NOT show your guests!) Not to mention, if anything sinister were to happen (OK, my mind is going full on Panic Room now), you could definitely hook it up with a safe, an outside landline, or better yet- outside access through your hidden sanctuary.

What do you think about the idea of having a hidden room in your home? Where would your secret door lead to? Be sure to let me know on Twitter!

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