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I’ve got to admit, I’m not always feeling modern and minimal all the time. Believe it or not, from time to time I can embrace traditional design and classic patterns.  Not that I’d want to be surrounded by it 24/7, but I can appreciate the beauty in a well-designed room, no matter which style it’s executed in. Take tartan, for example. I’m in love with this pattern, and have many blankets in plaid, as well as hand towels, scarves and lounge pants.  They go great with just about every solid color, and are typically made of wool, which is why we see more of this pattern popping up during the wintertime.

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This historically traditional pattern was used to signify Scottish clans in the 1700’s, but became namely popular in the 1800’s when King George IV visited Edinburgh.  Attendees were encouraged to show up all dressed in their tartan threads.  Later on, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought a traditional Scottish castle and had it decked out in customary tartan, which really kicked off the craze worldwide once it hit England, Europe and beyond.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go out and deck out my ceiling and living room upholstery in tartan, but I would definitely love to visit somewhere totally and traditionally Scottish, get bundled up and cozy next to a roaring fire, and just get my Sean Connery on (minus the Scotch. I just can’t hang)

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I have actually been to parts of Scotland, and it’s amazing how the accents and portions of English culture change in areas of Northern England and into the Scottish territory.  Edinburgh also turned out be a major influence on JK Rowling as she wrote and conceived ideas for the massively famous Harry Potter series.  You really can’t help but be inspired by the tradition of tartan, which I’ll just have to cherish with my few pieces of plaid until the next time I get to visit!

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