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talkDESIGN :: January 2013
By: Michelle Jennings Wiebe

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Our hearts tend to beat a little faster this time of year! Let's talkDESIGN…

Some of you may not know, but I am honored to sit on the Florida State University (go ‘noles!) advisory board for its interior design school.  This is not only a huge honor, but I also feel privileged to be able to give back to my alma mater.
On one of my recent board meetings trips to campus, I got to visit and tour the newly renovated and completely overhauled William H. Johnston building, home to the FSU interior design program.  The program is receiving national acclaim by Design Intelligence, being named the most admired program of its kind in the country.  FSU’s interior design program is accredited by the CIDA and NASAD.
Being the university of over half of the Studio M team, we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the university for completing such a beautiful renovation of one of FSU’s most cherished buildings on campus.

Architecture firm: Gould Evans
Construction manager: Peter R. Brown

  • The 67,000 square foot renovation project (not to mention a 78,000 square foot addition to the existing building). Total Building is 178,000 square feet.
  • Earned the LEED certified Gold rating.
  • Complies with the 2030 Challenge of carbon neutrality for zero greenhouse gas emissions and reduces energy use by more than 60% for a similar-sized building on campus.
  • Utilized innovative recycled carpeting, draught tolerant landscape materials, and diverted 75% of construction waste from the landfill. 


We absolutely love the cozy study nooks and café-style seating; it’s the perfect atmosphere for collaborating with fellow design students or studying solo.  We’re so proud of our university and can’t wait to see what other creative and cutting-edge renovations will bring to the campus in the future!

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