New Orleans | Art | Longshores Art Gallery

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New Orleans | Art | Longshore’s Art Gallery

Longshore’s Art Gallery
By: Ashlee Kozel

This past summer I recently went with Jon, fellow Studio M blogger and infamous Studio M design assistant, on an eye-opening trip to New Orleans. New Orleans is hands down the most creative and quirky city I have been to so far, and I have never seen more art galleries or local art in my life. While out and about on Magazine Street, we stumbled upon Sarah Ashley Longshore’s art gallery, and it was like heaven on earth. Longshore’s art is like a combination of high fashion, mixed with Andy Warhol, mixed with pop culture, mixed with Audrey Hepburn plus random champagne bottles (who doesn’t love a random champagne bottle?) I am an Audrey Hepburn fanatic, and that is a signature theme in Longshore’s gallery. I included bellow some of my absolute favorites, but check out more here  and if you are ever in Nola, please go see the fabulous-ness in person!

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New Orleans | Art | Longshore's Art Gallery

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