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Lovely Landscape Design
By: Jon Peters

Topiary | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Design | Ideas

I’ve always been in love with good architecture and interior design, but landscape design comes in pretty close on my list of passions. Most people’s first impressions of a home come from the outside, and unless you’re kidnapped and blindfolded when you first see a new building, landscaping helps to make a good first impression. When vacationing, I love seeing new buildings like the Byodo-in Temple in Hawaii, or the Linderhof Palace in Bavaria, and I especially enjoy spending time and exploring the gardens. Nature helps bring inspiration to nearly every area of design, from art to architecture, and the use of florals, colors, and an array of different plants and trees can turn a boring old building into a place you’d really want to be. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, take a break and check out these photos of some lovely landscapes that’ll leave you wanting to vacation (or relocate) to an exotic destination. Bon voyage!

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Green | Ideas

Nature | Waterfall | Landscape | Autumn | Trees | Leaves

Nature | Red | Landscape | Tree | Design | Ideas

Nature | Floral | Flowers | Garden | Tulip | Color

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Design | Ideas

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Design | Ideas

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Arch | Picnic

Nature | Floral | Bicycle | Blue | Bike | Basket

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Field | Pink | Hills

Nature | Floral | Landscape | Garden | Japanese | Bridge

Nature | Floral | Balcony | Garden | Window | Ivy

Photos by The Cool Hunter,Sperry & Stripes,Living Design Home,Blue Pueblo,The Enchanted Cove,Favim,Hatley Gardens,Gypsy Purple Homes

Written by: Jon Peters

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