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Natural Tones | Bath Design | Interiors

Natural Tones for an Inviting Bathroom
By: Helen Davies

***We are beyond excited to introduce you to our newest blogger Helen Davies! Helen joins us from the UK, (Yes, across the pond), and will be sharing her insights on all things related to bathrooms…Being a bathroom nut has it’s advantages, such as being affiliated with one of UK’s largest independent bathroom companies, Better Bathrooms. And yes she admittely spends most of her paycheck on bathroom designer swag! We told you she was a bathroom fanatic…***

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Wood Mirror | Square Basin

This is the time of year when I especially LOVE to delve into design magazines, blogs, while also visiting trade shows to see which new trends are gaining ground. In doing so, I have noticed one key design concept that has re-emerged itself on the scene. Are you ready for it?! Yep, the use of natural tones and materials-especially in bathroom design – seems to have exploded!

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Curved Bath | Modern Tub | Bathrooms

Natural Tones | Bathroom Plants | Modern Interior | Green

During the “oh so” chilly winter months, I can always appreciate a bathroom that wonderfully calms me with the softened tones of nature. Tactile rich colours and textures always prove to be the combination needed for my nightly wind down in the tub. Ah, the light pastel walls, the unique grains and patterns of natural stone tiles, and naturally finished wooden bathroom furniture combines to make a bathroom aesthetic which is friendly, relaxing and not to mention one that I can enjoy spending my “bath time” in.

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Stone Bathroom | Natural Stone

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Contemporary Bathroom | Tile Backsplash

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Bath Tub | Folded Towels

I mean look at these natural, organic bathroom styles, with soft pastel walls in light beige, cream and taupe! Can you say bliss?! I know that I sure can…

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Contemporary Bathroom | Wood Design

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Curved Bath | Modern Tub | Bathrooms

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Bowl Sink | Tile Bath | Bathrooms

Now, if you’re like me and want your bathroom to have a focal point, then a natural stone basin can serve as a glamorous centrepiece to a luxurious bathroom suite.

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Modern Interior | Wood Bathroom

Natural Tones | Bath Design | Modern Interior | Bathrooms

Also, choosing a natural wooden finish will instantly infuse any bathroom furniture with rich, tactile warmth, while also adding the right amount of character and personality!

I predict a big year for naturally themed bathrooms in 2013. I love, love, LOVE it! Now my only question is: Who’s with me?!

Written by: Helen Davies

Helen is the in-house interior designer for Better Bathrooms.

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  1. Kim L. says

    These bathrooms are all pure bliss and so inviting! I adore the peaceful and serene look of a natural theme. The wood definitely adds beautiful warmth and character to any bathroom.

    • studiominteriors says

      We love these natural-tone bathrooms as well. Thanks for checking ’em out!