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Mosaic Tile | Home Design Ideas

Like a breath of fresh air these mosaic tile installations just have a way of bringing new energy and life into the spaces in which they are introduced. This dazzling mosaic collection by Bisazza only scratches the surface on the vast possibilities. Based on your color selection, orientation and layout you can tailor your wall (or floor) coverings to fit your specific design style and needs.
These photos are sure to inspire you.

Mocaic tile ideas

Taken from their “Colors” collection, these brilliant schemes have a way of grabbing you like an enchanting piece of art. Their play on light gives them a dreamlike quality that is unmatched by the typical painted (or wallpapered) installation. Instead of a punch of paint, mosaic tiles are a great alternative to creating that visually stunning focal wall.

flower mosaic tile

unique mosaic tile

Stylishly chic with a modern flair, how can you not fall in love with this classic collection of delicate florals? Who knew that such imagery could be brought about by simply manipulating the composition and arrangement of these mosaic tiles? If overlaying an entire wall is too big of a leap, why not start with something small? Try tiling together a piece of art that, when finished, can be hung up and proudly displayed. It’s a cool way to bring in both an impressive feature and a piece of you into your space.

chic mosaic tile

mosaic tile design

They’re like wallpaper installations that have transformed into something that is so much more. These bold graphics and patterns can be used decoratively in a variety of settings. Though indeed, they can be tricky to install (and also undoubtedly time consuming) the end result is amazing and, in my opinion, indeed worth the time.

lux mosaic tile

In this “Borders” collection, mosaic tiles have been used more simplistically but they still evoke a strong sense of decorative style. Use them to frame your floors and define your spaces or incorporate them on your walls to frame your art.

mosaic tile outdoors

mosaic tile floors

These floor installations are exquisite, and whether they are being showcased in your office, garden or kitchen, they’re sure to make a bold imprint on your décor. I love the layout seen in the sunroom above. While inside, it gives the illusion of one be able to lounge on a bed of flowers.

** all photos courtesy of Bisazza

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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  1. Paul says

    Cool Stuff. You should check out Artaic –
    With their technology, they can create any mosaic wallpaper design to fit the space in which it’s being installed. Artaic can even recreate swatches of actual wallpaper.