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Yesterday I was raving about Jonathan Adler’s new “Happy Chic” line that’s being sold exclusively at JCPenney and JCP online. Well, as I said before, JCP is bringing IT with another exciting collaboration! Michael Graves Design is as intuitive and inventive as it is fashionable and fun. Graves combines modern and happy design with useful gadgets (Lord knows I LOVE a gadget!) to make your home more livable and enjoyable. Here are a few of my favorite things from his collection:

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If you love to entertain in your home (I’m thinking wine & cheese party!) then you’re going to love Michael Graves’ gadgets and tools for entertaining. I think if I get anything from this collection, it will most definitely be the wine decanter. That little baby has a built-in aerator, whimsical bird design, and a cork topper. Loving it!

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Home Decor

Obviously I’m a sucker for home decor, and the more nature-inspired the better! Therefore, I’m lusting over the wood bookshelf clock and triple glass vase with wood frame. Functionality & aesthetics are one in the same with these home goods and will keep things from being so serious while adding some fun and style to your living space.

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Coffee & Tea

Please don’t talk to me in the morning until I’ve made my coffee. Hopefully pretty soon I’ll be able to arise from the dead chic-ly with Michael Graves’ stainless steel coffee and tea essentials and serving sets. I basically have my eye on the cream and sugar set and thermal carafe. Loving the polished steel and glass look to those espresso cups as well!

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Kitchen Gadgets

Alas, we’ve come to what’s quite possibly the crown jewels of Michael Graves’ collection for JCPenney: kitchen appliances! I am definitely digging the atomic vibe and splashes of orange color. I couldn’t possibly choose just one of these impressive and would equally welcome all of these beauties into my kitchen at home (even though I basically have all of these items, they just don’t look nearly as cool). Anyone want to donate to my Michael Graves Design futuristic kitchen fund??

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Anything you can’t live without in the Michael Graves Design collection for JCP? Let me know!

Photos via JCP

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