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James Bond | Mens Fashion | Design

James Bond: The Life of Bond | Style
By: Eric Miller

If you are a James Bond fanatic then you have already seen the new cinematic hit “Sky Fall.” Yes, all of us Bond cronies are obsessed and you should be too! Believe it or not, but the film is now celebrating it’s 23rd episode!!

During this span, these iconic films have delivered not only some of the most memorable scenes ever, but the BEST fashion and decor of any movie series!!

So to celebrate yet another James Bond hit, I thought it would be fun to highlight both his fashion and interior style. Oh and be sure to take a peek at the video after the jump! #trustme.

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Enough of the fashion! Its time to look at the decor…

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If you are truly craving more James Bond design, then you have to check out this video!! It gives a great look at the iconic world inhabited by James Bond over 50 years. Narrated by none other than award winning set designer, Sir Ken Adam; as well as Aston Martin’s Head of Design; along with the designers and the makers of the legendary Golden Gun!! #goodstuff

Photos Via: Geek Alerts, Macey’s, Sunglass Hut, vimeo


  1. Anonymous says

    Wow! This post is really great. I am a fan of James Bond. I like his style, great designs. Two thumbs up!