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Industrial Interiors
By: Jon Peters

I think industrial design is at an all time high in popularity these days. Everywhere you look, from Pinterst to Restoration Hardware, Urban Outfitters to West Elm, everyone seems to have a line of industrial-style furnishings and fixtures. What is so great about the industrial vibe is that not everything has to look new or neat, nor orderly or deliberate. Pieces are supposed to look worn, many can be found in vintage or antique shops, and others can simply be made using some wood pallets, castors, metal piping and viola! Much of the style you see in magazines and online these days came from factory or warehouse settings in the 1930’s, but repurposed for modern times. For interiors, I think that a nice tile floor pattern (such as the falling block pattern pictured below) brings some dimension and style, iconic pieces like the metal Tolix stools or wire chairs add history; while woods, warm metals, and natural tones add rugged and worn-in character. Whether living in an industrial designed space or using this style for an established-looking retail interior, I think that this style adds character and charisma. What do you think? Could you see yourself living in an industrial space?

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Written by: Jon Peters

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  1. says

    Wow, surprised how harsh some of it feels but like rounded edges on frig; definitely could not live with that crazy tile floor as your eyes can’t rest

  2. says

    When I was an Architectural student, my roommates and I stayed in dorm apartments. We used a cable reel as a kitchen table, too. It was just as uncomfortable as it looks sitting with the front chair feet up higher on the spool. Who knew we were before our times?

  3. says

    We really like how every level of the beverage cart is used to create a stand-alone bar. It is such a great idea for small spaces. You can roll the cart out during a party and then neatly pack everything back in side the drawers and roll the cart out of the way.