Happy [beeswax] Huesday!


What is my new color-love obsession these days? None of your beeswax! Ok, so that’s just it—beeswax! (Sensing a theme here?) This deeply saturated hue is the latest and greatest in my book. If you are itching for a change in your interiors- what better way to add some freshness than with a jolt of intense beeswax yellow? Beeswax

Some of my favorite ways to incorporate this color is through draperies. Because it is such a vivid tone, you want to keep its presence sophisticated, and bringing it in through a beautiful fabric will keep its elegance. We’re not going for macaroni and cheese here, people! Think “refined sunshine” when using this hue in your home! Beeswax

There are endless combinations that really look “wow” with the color beeswax. To start, a beautiful cool grey is the perfect complimentary color. If you’re looking for a bolder, unapologetic combination go for a cobalt, cream, and beeswax- it almost has a Greek Islands feel, pure luminosity! Be fearless with color- especially a beautiful happy yellow! Happy [beeswax] Huesday everyone!


  1. Norine says

    Love that color and we have used it in venetian plaster in so many ways – walls and art

  2. Norine says

    Great! Do you want to see a portfolio of sample boards or pictures?