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Gas Fireplace | Romance | Design Tips | Interiors

Romancing the Home
By: Heather Culley

The fireplace is no stranger to romance, but there are some common faux pas people make with their fireplace that diminish the romance factor.

Romance Killer 1: Obstructing the view of the fire

A fireplace commands attention and requires a proper seating arrangement to complement its beauty and purpose.

Imagine laying in the bed pictured below. A full view of the flame is lost where this fireplace is installed parallel to the bed. Think of the kink in your neck as you and your sweet heart attempt to gaze into the fire all night!

Gas Fireplace | Zig Zag Pattern | Designer Bedding | Interiors

Having the fireplace installed opposite of the bed gives the direction and attention your fireplace deserves. No kinked necks here!

Gas Fireplace | Chevron Rug | Weathered Wood | Bedroom Fireplace

Side note: If you are thinking about installing a fireplace in the bedroom, be sure to check local building codes. Depending on your area you may have some restrictions that will affect your buying options.

The viewing height of your fireplace is also an important factor. Viewing height is determined by personal preference and is site specific. When determining the right height for your fireplace installation, I recommend using masking tape on your wall to frame the viewing area. Step back, take a seat, walk around the room. Not quite right on your first try? Move the tape around till you find your flame viewing sweet spot.

If you and your companion were sitting in the bathtub in the picture below you would be straining to see the flame.

Gas Fireplace | Black Tub | Bathroom Design | Interiors

This bathroom has it all; the perfect flame viewing height for sitting in a luxurious tub while taking in the amazing landscape.

Gas Fireplace | Garden Tub | Picture Window | Marble Wall

Romance Killer 2: Making it too hot (yes there is such a thing!)

Not every space is suited for a traditional gas fireplace. Even the smallest gas fireplaces can output heat that is too high for small and/or confined rooms.

Even though you may dream of dining by the fire, having the fireplace on when you’re sitting this close to the fire would not only heat you or your lover to sweltering temperatures, it would be a fire hazard.

Caveat: Montigo offers COOL PACK Technology of their custom fireplaces that significantly reduces the heat of the glass temperatures. If used in the setting pictured below, the dining couple would only see the glimmer of the flame in each other’s eyes and not the sweat on the other’s brow.

Gas Fireplace | Space Plan | Design Tips | Cramped Interior

This dining room has it all when it comes to a fireplace; the right angle, height, space and distance for two lovers to enjoy a romantic meal by the glow of the fire.

Gas Fireplace | Romantic Dinner | Design Tips | Interiors

Romance Killer 3: Having a TV above the fireplace (or even in the same room as your fireplace!)

When you are trying to create a romantic atmosphere, having a TV nearby is a complete distraction. Can’t you see the scenario playing out now in the setting below with the basketball game playing followed by the game’s highlights; this is the makings of a non-romantic evening!

Stone Fireplace | Tufted Ottoman | Design Tips | Wood Paneling

A better alternative above the fireplace is a spectacular view or piece of art that will stimulate conversation and enhance the romantic atmosphere. Now queue the romantic music!

Gas Fireplace | Living Room Window | Open Plan | Real Estate | Interiors

Romance Killer 4: Tiny cherubs

Half the fun of having a fireplace is decorating and setting the mood. If you have to spell it out with tiny cherubs and a white peacock, you’ve probably over done it.

Gas Fireplace | Romance | Ornate Carved Fireplace | Design Tips | Interiors

Less is definitely more when creating a romantic ambience.

Tiny Fireplace | Cowhide Ottoman | Design Tips | Heart Art

Images via Houzz

Written By: Heather Culley

Heather is the Marketing Coordinator for Montigo Fireplace.


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    Some beautiful fireplaces although I honestly wonder if there’s any reason to have a fireplace in your bedroom – we did once but it was a real, wood burning fireplace and think we opted to never light it … too much work, especially with a newborn to keep us busy. I think now with the artistic fireplaces, they’re now an alternative piece of artwork.