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Fireplace | Gas | Focal Point | Ideas

The fireplace is seeing a greater starring role in residential spaces as new design and technology develops within the gas fireplace industry.  Fireplaces are no longer  reserved for formal living spaces, but can be front and center in any room.  The right fireplace is a great starting point to creating a focal point in any space.

3 key points to keep in mind when using a fireplace for a focal point:


Working in fireplace industry, I’ve seen fireplaces installed in just about every location in residential spaces; bedrooms, bathrooms, back yards, even under staircases. People are no longer using fireplaces just for heat, but for ambience and esthetics. Don’t feel restricted to keeping your fireplace in conventional locations. Non-traditional styles of fireplaces also give way to interesting installation locations, such as see through, corner, or peninsula fireplaces.

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Most fireplace manufacturers supply optional surrounds to fit your fireplace. But the options for finishing your fireplace are limitless! Do some research on what options are available to you.  Ask your fireplace dealer if they have any recommendations, flip through some magazines, search the Web for inspiration.  A custom surround/finishing material is the best way to ensure you have a unique piece that matches your decor. Also, try thinking beyond the traditional mantel piece. A current trend in fireplaces is finishing with a large decorative stone flush to the fireplace.

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Half the fun of having a fireplace is being able to accessorize! I’m not just talking about accessorizing around the fireplace, but in the fireplace. Selecting the right type of firebox lining makes a huge design statement;  the traditional brick, clean and streamline stainless steel, or even glamorous porcelain panels. Each of these options lends itself to different design aesthetics.  Log sets are no longer the only option for fire objects. The rise of modern linear gas fireplaces has given way to modern fireplace accessories; fire-glass, crystals, ceramic stones, or even bamboo-like groves. Your fireplace dealer will be able to provide you with options that are fire-rated for your fireplace.  Up-lighting is also a great feature to have when you are looking for ambiance  without the heat of the flame.

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Written By: Heather Culley

Heather is the Marketing Coordinator for Montigo Fireplace.

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    This post is very helpful. Nowadays, People are no longer using fireplaces just for heat, but for ambience and esthetics. Thanks for sharing.