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Thanksgiving Threads
By: Ashlee Kozel

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Thanksgiving is in less than a week, and other than cooking, preparing, coordinating, etc. you also must figure out what you or your family will be wearing on this festive day! There are several good “guidelines” to a perfect Thanksgiving wardrobe, and number one is definitely COMFORT. Wearing a dress that requires Spanx, or choosing a suit that is a little snug this year is just a bad idea, no matter how cute it may be. Remember that this holiday surrounds eating delicious foods all day long, and something that fits snug before the holiday is going to be uncomfortably snug after! Stick with good basics, a comfortable knit sweater and something that can somehow allow expansion. Any form of plaid is always a good idea for the Thanksgiving season! It is festive, classic and really gets you ready for the upcoming holiday season. Also knit sweaters paired with leggings and boots, or a classic chino pant always looks cozy yet pulled together. The perfect balance of dressy yet comfy will be the perfect recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit! My favorite holiday shopping goes down at J.Crew or Ralph Lauren, classic brands for a classic holiday.

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