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DIY Decor | Yarn | How-To | Craft Idea

Yarn Bombing
By: Ashlee Kozel

Currently we are going through a big “yarn phase” at the DLB and we are SO into it that our new spring storefront will be dedicated to yarn. So while doing some yarn research, I found this phenomenon called “Yarn Bombing!” I had no idea that yarn bombing even existed, but now that I do, I feel like I am a much happier person! Basically yarn bombing means to yarn something that normally isn’t yarned…mostly lots of trees, bikes, stop signs, and statues. Many crochet first, yarn bomb later…but The DLB doesn’t have any skilled knitters on board, so simply wrapping multi-colored yarn around different items (bikes, trees coming out of a tub, etc.) is how we will be rocking yarn bombing, Dandy Lion style! So if you are ever feeling board, go grab some yarn and get your yarn bombing on!

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DIY Decor | Yarn | How-To | Craft Idea

DIY Decor | Yarn | How-To | Craft Idea

DIY Decor | Yarn | How-To | Craft Idea

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  1. What a fun & relatively harmless way to make people stop & realize all that we take for granted. Love the idea of yarn bombing, although a less scary word might be better.

  2. Seriously L.O.V.E. this!~