Design 101: Unique Room Dividers!

ceiling mounted room dividers

The perfect interior space is one that can be versatile and beautiful regardless of the functions it holds. I find that versatility is easier when you have options, and that’s the beauty of room dividers. Remember when all room dividers looked similar and they were stuck in a corner for someone to get dressed behind? Today, room dividers do more than hide a function. In fact they can be transparent, made of fabric, or store creative décor and books. Here are a few ways room dividers can be used uniquely in your home.

• Visually add interest: Room dividers that are made from fabric, or transparent meshes change the ambiance of a space instantly when hung from the ceiling between two spaces. Try hanging between an open kitchen and an adjoining entertaining space. Visually it gives separation, but in reality, guests can still enjoy the ambiance of the entire space. Use single hanging panel dividers in a series to create a nostalgic appeal of a retro “hanging beads” divider, and place behind a couch and walkway area for the illusion of a textured wall.

screen circles

• Functional display: In the past, room dividers were only supposed to hide a person for privacy. Today room dividers can be three dimensional and make the average bookcase look plain. Open shelf wood room dividers have a modern look and can house books or can be left empty to create a visually organic presence in the space. Function can serve different purposes in every home. Function can mean its being used as display, décor, divider, and art! Try painting the opposite sides of the divider to match the adjacent room’s color palette to coordinate beautifully in the space it faces.

bookshelf screen

• Creative options for varying floor plans: Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious house, room dividers can help varying size floor plans overcome design and living challenges. Apartments that have a loft or studio style floor plan tend to have few interior walls, and room dividers are a good way to separate the living spaces and still keep a sense of openness. In spacious interiors use room dividers to bring a more intimate feeling to conversation areas and dining spaces. After all, your home should feel cozy and warm regardless of its size and room dividers are versatile in helping you accomplish a personalized layout instantly.

screen dining

Room dividers can creatively add style to your space without the permanence of walls and structure. The ability to separate your living spaces, add visual interest and make your home feel warm and inviting is what every home can achieve with dividers. If you’re feeling artistic, how about hanging a piece of your favorite fabric art between two areas of your home? You may be surprised how instantly you’ve become a designer yourself!