Creative Wine Storage Ideas

kitchen wine storage

Now that fall has officially gotten underway, the idea of entertaining and enjoying a great bottle of wine over dinner and conversation is on my to-do list. While the entertaining is enjoyable, the storage of your wine is even more important for a great tasting wine to be enjoyed by all. Wine storage comes in different varieties and there are several creative storage ideas to fit into your home. Use these pointers when selecting storage options for a creative and unique addition into your entertaining needs.

• Decide on your level of wine collecting: If you entertain regularly a large group of people, your necessity for a wine cellar is a good option. A wine cellar is a room with multiple areas for wine storage which is conditioned and helps maintain the humidity and temperature automatically. While if your entertaining is for an intimate crowd of a few people at a time, a refrigerated wine cooler that can be placed at your home bar, or in your kitchen would be a more suitable option.

• Choose your wine storage location: A wine cellar works well in homes that have a basement or lower level that can be kept relatively cool and away from windows. Even if your home doesn’t have a basement, wine storage in cellars or wine coolers have an independent cooling system to allow you flexibility in your home when planning an area. A unique wine storage idea is to house a dining table inside your cellar. This idea is perfect for wine connoisseurs who like to entertain and have their guests have an ‘experience’ while eating and drinking.

wine cellar dining

• Creative ideas for storing wine: If you are looking for ideas that are creative and unique, consider having a custom storage area built in unconventional locations.
• One example is this storage area from It features an underground wine storage along a spiral staircase! This innovative idea creates a secret area for storage, but also cools the wine perfectly.

spiral wine storage

• For a simpler wine storage idea, use decorative wine racks for your wall. This raindrop inspired stainless steel wine rack is made by Cattelan Italia (Page 4) and makes a unique conversation piece as well as quick access location for your wine.

• To incorporate your wine into an unconditioned space for wines that don’t need refrigeration, custom cabinetry can be created in your existing wet bar or entertaining space. Depending on your entertaining needs and style, you choose the option of wine storage that works best for you!

unique wine rack

Wine storage can be as simple as storing the wine, to truly enjoying and displaying the wine in your home. The options for wine storage are vast, and should make your home feel special, and make the entertaining for your guests memorable. Use these tips in your home and see how creative your wine storage areas can be.


  1. G says

    I really like the wine rack with wine at the bottom and wine glasses on top. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this specific one?

    • studiominteriors says

      Hi there! It’s called the “Drop” bookshelf/wine rack.