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As an inner home décor maximalist, I must say that I love boho style rooms quite a lot.  Known for their eclectic accessories, global textiles, deep colors and layer upon layer of different patterns, bohemian interiors are all about artistic and visual style.  Personally, I think that having this kind of design aesthetic takes a lot of imagination and a collector’s eye to really make it work without looking like you’re trying to be intentionally bohemian.  I’m probably way too OCD to allow myself to get as over-the-top eclectic as most bohemian rooms can get, but I really do enjoy being in a space that creates this kind of vibe that I can come and visit.  It’s almost like hookah lounge meets gypsy wanderlust, which means that you’ve got my attention!

Bohemian Bedroom | Boho Style | Global Decor | Eclectic Interior

A main reason that I absolutely love boho rooms is because they just look so lived-in and comfortable.  I really appreciate the layering of blankets and different textiles.  Not to mention that pillows of various sizes and patterns are a must for any bohemian style bedroom.

Bohemian Bedroom | Boho Style | Global Decor | Eclectic InteriorBohemian Bedroom | Boho Style | Global Decor | Eclectic Interior

Tons of detail seems to also be included in the best of boho style interiors.  Eclectic collections and accessories, large whimsical canopies, and lovely vintage or antique finds create a unique space that almost seems more like someone’s personal museum rather than their home.

Tribal Canopy | Bohemian Bedroom | Vintage Trunk | Bohemian Decor | Boho Style | Eclectic InteriorTribal Textiles | Stacked Blankets | Bohemian Decor | Boho Style | Global Accessories | Eclectic InteriorPink Buddha Statue | Bohemian Decor | Boho Style | Global Accessories | Eclectic Interior

Living rooms seem like they would be so much fun to design because with bohemian style, anything goes and the more the better! Wanting to hang all those random paintings in mismatched frames? What about painting the ceiling a bold pop of color?  I think it’s pretty neat that the more outside of the box and artistic you are, the more impressive you can make even the most basic of four walls look.

Living Room Design | Pops of Color | Moroccan Pouf | Pink Decor | Decorative Screen | Room DividerBoho Style | Bohemian Living Room | Eclectic Decor | Painted Ceiling | Interior DesignWood Cabin | Tribal Fabric | Wood Paneling | Living Room | Boho Interior

Lastly, bohemian style interiors are very in tune with decorating around nature, which I obviously love!  Patios and outdoor living spaces are ideal for having an lovely tablescape, interestingly shaped chairs (I’m a huge fan of the peacock chair!) and anything with a live edge also looks amazing.  Flowers and plants are a must for sure, and natural sunlight makes everything look so happy and inviting.

Nature Wallpaper | Boho Style | Bohemian Interior | Outdoor Patio | Indoor Outdoor | Throw Pillows

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