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Bizarre Design | Home Decor

You know, we as designers are exposed to a lot of products on the market. A lot. So it’s not unusual to come across some really weird pieces. Pieces that make you laugh, ones that make you scratch your head, things you wish you’d thought of first, and then some that are just a little bit disturbing. Yes, contrary to popular belief, design is not a world of only aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces. It’s got its fair share of oddities and misfits for sure. So I thought I might share with you a small collection of some of the funky, weird, and whimsy items that I’ve come across lately…

Bad Table

Image via Straight Line Designs Inc.

Colorful Chair

Designed by Simon Racheli

Furry Table

Image via curiousphotos.blogspot

Furry Chair

Designed by nendo

Unique Chair

By Gamfratesi

Animal Furniture

Image via everythingweird .com

Scuba shoes

Image via

Unique Bed-Picture 9- Mood Rocking Bed by Joe Manus

By Joe Manus

Bedroom Cage

Image via millablogg.wordpress

Pencil Holder

The Pencil Bench by Boex Studio

Unique Fireplace

Image via thefrencheye.blogspot

Creative Chair

WING BACK FAIRY CHAIR at the Ann Arbor District Library Fifth Avenue

Octopus Chair

Octopus chair by Maximo Riera

egg rug

The Sunny Shag Up rug by architect Valentina Audrito

Hairy Chair

“Hairy Chair” made of shredded paper by Charles Kaisin

Written by: Alicia Griffin

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    • Anonymous says

      Ya I don’t know how much sleep you would get on the rocking bed…Probably get bed sick…ha

    • Anonymous says

      We have placed the order for the 1 Octopus chair. You should be receiving it in the next 4-6 business days…Your wife will love her anniversary gift! Good choice…

  1. Audrey says

    Hmmm…my vote for “Least Likely to Appear in My House” would probably be the squid chair. Not only a little unnerving, but a) my dog would not stop barking at it; b) my daughter would not stop tripping over it and c) you really have to place it far away from a wall! Great post.

    • Anonymous says

      Hahha! Yes the squid chair is certainly unique….I would say the least likely piece for my house would be the meat chair…tendons and all:) 

  2. Lorraine Buchakjian says

    Can live without most all of it, even though I do like quirky at times–my vote therefore would be for the

  3. Lorraine Buchakjian says

    My vote for the most likely to appear would be that fireplace–LOVE it.