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Over the past two weeks I have been blogging about a recent project that has blossomed into something beautiful and functional. Today I will be sharing with you the “after” photos of the rejuvenated space. You will see only the “bones” of the room: the main elements and visual structure, which are the foundation of the design. Please know that very few if any accessories have been added.

Before and After Photos

Beginning in the entry hall- this gorgeous walnut and black lacquer piece is the perfect place to toss keys and sunglasses! It also serves another function as a buffet, now my clients have plenty of surface space to set hors d’oeuvres, chips and dip, desserts and the like. The mirrors above are long and lean, bouncing light from the windows and helping to open up the space. (Also great for checking yourself out before you leave the house!) The white shelves in between match the wall color so that they seem to disappear, however they do provide a great place for showcasing photos, artwork, books, or trinkets.

The light fixture was custom made to blend modern and organic while creating interest as soon as you enter the room. With the white cord and hardware, it appears to be a floating, glowing orb, casting cool shadows at nighttime!

Before and After Interior Pics

The dining area now has plenty of room for people to eat, drink, and be merry! Anyone sitting and enjoying a fine meal and great company can relax and kick back as there is no feeling of being crowded here! The chair profiles are slim but have a sturdy frame and are both comfy and easy to wipe down.

The driftwood mirror reflects dining light and natural light from across the room. An important tip for dining room lighting- use dimmers! This way you can brighten the space for more festive occasions, or make it soft and sultry for a more intimate meal for two.

Before and After Interior Photographs

The living room got the same easy breezy window treatments that softly diffuse light and offer privacy. Taking them right up underneath the crown molding seems to “stretch” the room upward making the space feel much larger. The black linen shade also draws your eye upward with its dramatic contrasting color. The sofa is large enough to seat four, Mom and her little man, or one for a cozy book-reading session. And the soft, supple micro-suede feels really good along with being liquid and stain-resistant. Talk about your form and function!

The shelves above are a great way to display books (without having towering bookcases), photos and art, without making Swiss cheese of your walls! In the mood to mix things up? Rearrange, add and subtract pieces as often as you like! These deep shelves also have a lip to prevent items from slipping off the edge.

The chairs have great mid-century charm about them and are super comfy with their cushy seats and soft, rounded curves. They’re light enough, as are the dining chairs, to move around for additional seating and great conversation.

Overall, I think the bones of this room lay a nice foundation for some softness, texture, and warmth in pillows, a rug, and accessories, so stay tuned as we finish this baby up!…

Written by: Alicia Griffin

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