Bathroom Ideas | Bathroom Vanities | Inspiration

by Studio M

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Bathroom Ideas | Bathroom Vanities | Inspiration

When Bathrooms & Vanity Meet
By: Eric Miller

Quick pop quiz: Which room in the house is often remodeled first?! If you answered the bathroom then either you are a genius, got lucky, or were probably tipped off by the title of this post…If you answered the kitchen your were not too far off as it is the second most remodled room per the latest survey from the National Association of Home Builders. But yes, the good ‘ol bathroom takes the gold medal and is cited as the most remolded room according to the over 78% of those who participated in the recent 2012 survey…

So for you “78 percenters” here is a little inspiration and/or eye candy to help kick off your next bathroom remodel! Enjoy…

Bathroom Ideas | Bathroom Vanities | Inspiration

Custom Bathroom | Interiors

Unique Bathroom | Design | Vanity | Floor

Custom Vanity | Before | After

Bathroom Interiors | Remodel

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Bathroom Ideas | Vanity

Rustic Bathroom | Design | Vanity

Custom Bathroom | Unique Vanity | Bike

DIY | Bathroom | Vanity

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Which bathroom did you like the most? Remember that you want the overall design to flow throughout your entire house, so be sure to stay consistent! It may help by first developing your home’s design theme before remodeling any room in your house. The vision is very important and is only trumped by the execution!

Photos via: Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Garden, Studio M, Elle Decor, Southern Exposure, Neris

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  1. I really like these rich designs, I believe each one carried it’s own unique look about them, especially the glass floor,