Trend Alert: Modern Baroque

by Jon Peters

Baroque is back in a brand new way! Clean and streamlined looks take a backseat, while vintage and antique pieces thrive in the coming season of home interiors, fashion and decor in general. Baroque started out as a somber yet ornate design aesthetic in 17th century Europe but has been reemerging these days as a go-to design style for interior designers and architects alike. Obviously not everyone would like to live in the over-the-top houses of Liberace or Versace (they always seem to end in “ace”, don’t they?) but mixing modern and contemporary styles with vintage baroque and rococo elements can take the style to another level. I love the baroque-inspired kitchen mixed with industrial metals and stainless steel, as well as the modern chair in front of an illustrated baroque wallpaper. The aesthetic that gets created is reminiscent of a classical past but in a new and reimagined way. I think that I definitely love the vintage mirror over the bed or fireplace look. What is your favorite element of the baroque comeback?

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Baroque | Antique Kitchen | Kitchen Design | Ornate Design

Baroque | Bathroom | Dark Antiques | Bowl Sink | Orchid Flower | Room Design

Baroque | Antiques | Regal | Bookshelf | Living Room | Office Design

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Baroque | Gold Leaf | Gold Decor | Powder Bath | Room Design

Baroque | Antiques | Regal | Art | Room Design

Baroque | Antiques | Regal | Art | Room Design

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